Amouage Beloved Woman Eau de Parfum 100ml

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The charming Amouage Beloved Woman eau de parfum captures an important part of a woman’s everyday life: the moment when she can leave all her worries behind at the end of a busy day and soak up the peaceful atmosphere of a late afternoon.

The Beloved Woman fragrance is like running through a meadow full of the freshest flowers in bloom. Unique moments of intimacy and communion with your own nature will spread through your entire soul. The Beloved Woman is loved for who she truly is. The fragrance will remind you of the importance of being yourself.

The floral head of Amouage Beloved Woman opens with tender jasmine and refreshing lavender. The contrast of cardamom and cloves gives the fragrance a subtly spicy aroma, excitingly delicate and accentuated by the petals of purple roses. Fresh flowers are mixed with intense incense, the exotic ylang-ylang, patchouli and playful violet. The luxurious character of the fragrance is complemented by sensual musk, sweet vanilla and warm sandalwood. The irresistible Amouage Beloved Eau de Parfum will become a unique accessory in your repertoire. This luxurious fragrance was launched in 2012.

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