Amouage Rose Incense Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Rose Incense is distinctively floral and unmistakably woody with unique and contemporary elements, an Eau De Parfum at a concentration of 25% fragrance oil. With rose at its heart along with myrrh and frankincense at its base, the fragrance evokes a complicated tale of epic proportion. The fresh, clean and citrusy undertones of its top note elemi, bring the fragrance together with serenity.

“The inspiration came from the duality between power and innocence that is found in the movie Citizen Kane. I went looking for the most luminous and the most innocent rose I could find. In order to contrast the rose, I used the power and the uplifting properties of incense, particularly two qualities of incense complementing each other. One was more sensual, mysterious even – an absolute – and the other one was uplifting and very energising – a hyper absolute. What I had in mind were all these contrasts between red and black, innocence and power, clarity and smoke, radiance and darkness, rose and incense. In order to bind these two very strong elements, I created a black ink accord. There was something very poetic about writing with black ink the love story between this beautiful rose and this powerful incense.”- Bruno Jovanovic

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