BSN Cutisoft Pre-injection Swabs 100 Pack

5.75 Inc VAT

The Cutisoft Skin Cleansing Swabs are a viscose wipe impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. They are used for pre-injection site cleansing, as the isopropyl alcohol’s disinfectant properties cleanses and lowers the skin bacteriological count prior to injections. These wipes are suitable for pre-injection, skin cleaning, and tattoo artists. There are 100 Cutisoft Skin Cleansing Swabs per pack.
Size: 60mm x 30mm.



The Cutisoft Skin Cleansing Swabs can be used for pre-injection site cleansing.



• Ensure that hands are cleaned to prevent the spread of germs from hands to the wound.
• Remove one of the Skin Cleansing Swabs from the packaging
• Gently clean the wound
• Do not scrub the wound as that could dislodge any blood clots that may be stopping the bleeding and may make it worse.
• Do not re-use the Skin Cleansing Swabs.
• After using the Skin Cleansing Swab to clean the wound, dispose and re-wash your hands again to ensure that no bacteria has been transferred

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