Burnshield Dressing 10×10

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• Burnshield Hydrogel soaked sterile dressing applied directly to a burn
• Suitable for use on 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns
• Cools and soothes the burn and eases pain
• Also provides protection against infection
• Helps inhibit the burn’s progressions
• Has the ability to absorb and dissipate heat
• Easy to remove with cool water or saline solution- no pain or discomfort caused when removed from wound
• Safe for use on children
• Safe for use on open wounds
• No contra-indications
• Neutral pH
• Non-oily, non-toxic and non-allergenic
• Natural active ingredients: 96% water, Australian Tea Tree Oil and emulsifiers
• Size: 10 x 10cm Pack Size :1

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