Dr Barmans Superbrush Child



Children are often reluctant to brush their teeth, but Superbrush has proven to make it easier. As Superbrush hugs the teeth, it is easier to achieve a good toothbrushing effect on all sides of teeth. And it is all done at the same time. Adults can thereby brush their children’s teeth with greater ease and efficiency. Children themselves learn the Superbrush brushing method very easy. Building good habits from early age are essential to ensure they develop lifelong healthy habits and maintain their oral health into adulthood.

Between the age of 6 -11 the children have a mix of milkteeth and permanent teeth. The children have hopefully practised toothbrushing for a long time by now. When reaching 8 their skills and dexterity may be at such a level that they can brush themselves. Parents should supervise for another while though.


Superbrush makes brushing easier as the brush hugs the teeth and the brushing tecnique only requires simple, natural movements. Superbrush brushes all sides of teeth at the same time and ensures that all sides are cleaned.