Medicare Sport Mouthguard

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• Medicare Sport UNIVERS Mouthguard is suitable for any sport and any mouth and is also suitable for very crowded or misaligned teeth
• Suitable for 8+ years
• Pre-moulded to correct arch form- makes it easy to fit
• Thickened base to protect front teeth and TM joints
• Patented Aerfoil Base provides better protection for the jaw joints
• Tongue Tag for easy fitting
• Provides genuine protection for all contact sports
• Best single layer mouthguard available

Fitting Instructions:
1. Put mouthguard (tongue tag down) into a bowl of freshly boiled water (100C / 212F) for 90 seconds maximum
2. Lift mouthguard gently from water using a spoon
3. Cool under tap water for 1 second only bringing surface temperature to a comfortable level. Quickly move onto the next step.
4. Watching in mirror, line up centre of the mouthguard with centre line of upper teeth and proceed rapidly with steps 5-7
5. Fit mouthguard into upper teeth (tongue tag up) and press firmly into front teeth and molars
6. Put tip of tongue on tag and close mouth while biting down hard on mouthguard
7. Suck in strongly and press edges of the mouthguard into teeth and gumline through the lips and cheeks fo 20 seconds. Remove from mouth and cool under tap water for 1 minute. Replace in mouth and test for a good, firm fit. Pack Size :1

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