Medifoam Adhesive Foam Sacral Dressing 22x22cm 3/pk

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• Medifoam Adhesive Foam Sacral Dressing is a hydrocellular sterile adhesive foam dressing for the sacral or lumbar area
• Specifically designed for exuding wounds on the sacral or lumbar area, pressure ulcers, skin tears and abrasions, skin graft donar sites and under compression bandage systems for venous ulcer treatment
• Thick soft absorbent polyurethane foam backed by a dual layer of breathable polyurethane film which effectively absorbs and retains exudate whilst maintaining a moist wound environment
• Rapid Absorption
• Superior cushioning and insulation for wound
• Adherent wound contact layer
• Waterproof and bacteria proof backing film
• Breathable outer layer
• Maintains a moist wound environment at the surface of the wound
• Greater patient comfort – dressing can be left in place for 5 days
• Sterilised and individually packaged
• Size: 22 x 22cm
• 3 Pcs per Pack Pack Size :3

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