Uriage Keratosane 30 Cream Gel 75ml



Kératosane 30 is a high-tolerance gel-cream, which penetrates instantly and is especially suitable for localised areas on the body or scalp.
Its concentration in Urea (30%) gives it a powerful keratolytic action on rough or very hard areas.
Kératosane 30 is a complete treatment which smoothes, soothes and softens the skin, eliminating roughness.

  • Very effective gel-cream.
  • Penetrates instantly.
  • Can be applied to the scalp.


Instructions for use

Apply twice a day or as required on affected areas. Precautions of use: very sensitive skin might experience temporary tingling sensations.
Avoid contact with eyes.


Composition: Uriage Thermal Water – Urea 30% – Glycerin – Dextran sulphate.
Fragrance-free – Paraben-free.
High tolerance: Hypoallergenic – Non comedogenic.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg