Zarkoperfume Cloud Collection No.1 EDP 100ml

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The first in a series called the Cloud Collection, Stratus by Zarkoperfume is a floral woody perfume for women that contrasts light and dark accents in layers, just as in a stratus cloud. The perfume itself, which took 4 years to develop, settles into layers in the bottle, partially clear, partially pink – you need to shake the contents before applying.

The scent balances a very earthy-smelling sea buckthorn note, which smells like moist wood, with a bright, airy white jasmine for an effect that is very naturalistic, like fresh jasmine vines tumbling over crumbling, wet logs deep within a forest. Leather and woods in the base provide a smooth, almost ashy velvet drydown.


Notes: sea buckthorn, jasmine, dark woods, leather